The Warsaw Chamber Opera Gala at the Warsaw Royal Castle

The Warsaw Chamber Opera Gala at the Warsaw Royal Castle
13th December 2020
Felice Anno Nuovo dall’Italia!

MARCO BALDERI – conductor
Stanislaw Daniel Kotlinski (Lucifero), bass-baritone
Antoni Karas (Angelo), boy soprano
Hubert Walawski  (Pastore), tenor
Narine Yeghiyan (Altro Pastore), sopran
Roza Kajnath (Maria Vergine), sopran
Bartosz Wasiluk (San Giuseppe), contraltista
Paweł Hulisz / Ostap Popovych – baroque trumpets
Vocal Ensemble
Orchestra Musicae Antiquae Collegium Varsoviense

Beethoven 250 Years Anniversary Gala

Foto: Jarosław Budzyński
Foto: Jarosław Budzyński

The Warsaw Chamber Opera
Beethoven 250 Years Anniversary Gala
15th November 2020
„The unknown Beethoven – the first European
Lugwig van Beethoven
Lieder verschiedener Völker WoO 158a

Felicitas Fuchs – sopran
Sungmin Song – tenor
Daniel Kotlinski – bass baritone
Simon Zhu – violin
Maciej Kulakowski – cello
Marco Balderi – piano

Beethoven Jubiläums GmbH

SALZBURG GREETS BONN – 25th January 2020
The SALZBURGER HOFMUSIK ensemble accompanies the great soprano Mojca Erdmann and the international bass baritone Daniel Kotlinski on historical instruments as they perform arias and duets by Beethoven and Mozart. Conducted by Wolfgang Brunner on the pianoforte.

The hardly known “23 Songs of Various Nationalities” (WoO 158a) brings Beethoven’s interest in different styles of music and languages to life. The young soprano Sonja Isabel Reuter, tenor Sung Min Song and bass baritone Daniel Kotlinski provide lively renditions of the Scandinavian, German, Tyrolean, Ucrainian, Portuguese, Tyrolean, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Swiss texts filled with verve and enthusiasm, accompanied by a trio of Simon Zhu, violin, Yibai Chen, cello and Semjon Skigin, piano.

Steigenberger Grandhotel Petersberg Bonn
Before the concert in Bonn – with Nike Wagner
Singing in Bonn with Soprano Susanne Bernhard
Beethoven in Bonn!

Vocal Recital in Warsaw

Polish Presentation of the new CD (DUX) sang by Stanisław Daniel Kotliński with Marco Balderi at the piano. Francesco Paolo Tosti – Romanza da salotto italiana. 13th October 2019, Royal Castle in Warsaw, 19h.